We at Fitzsimons Redmond, would like to welcome Caroline Gill to the firm. Caroline has been working with us since June as she converts her barrister qualification to that of a solicitor. We are honoured to benefit from Caroline’s vast and diverse experience.

A qualified barrister (with a wide practice), mediator and arbitrator, Caroline is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a member of the Marketing Institute of Ireland and the Employment Bar Association of Ireland.

Caroline’s impressive career has included roles such as Financial Services Ombudsman in the UK, the Insurance Ombudsman of Ireland, and the Deputy Financial Services Ombudsman of Ireland. She was CEO of the Consumer Association of Ireland, and sat on the boards of the Pyrite Remediation Scheme, the Housing Agency, Luas, the Irish Stock Exchange, the Mater Dei Institute at DCU and the Food Safety Authority of Ireland. She currently sits on the board of ICCL, St. Patrick’s Hospital, the CPD Board, the PTSB Mortgage Products Tribunal, and the Lloyd’s Bank of Scotland Tracker Mortgage Tribunal.

We are absolutely delighted to work with Caroline and to welcome her numerous skills, talents and expertise to Fitzsimons Redmond.