We at Fitzsimons Redmond LLP, wish you a very happy St Patrick’s Day. See this little poem telling the story of Ireland’s patron saint.

In Ireland’s land, where legends bloom, There dwelled a saint, dispelling gloom. His name was Patrick, strong and true, A tale of faith, I share with you.

Saint Patrick, with his gentle might, Brought Christianity’s guiding light. He preached God’s love and peace so fair, To all who’d listen, everywhere.

Across the hills and valleys green, His words of hope were clearly seen. He taught of God, the Trinity, Father, Son, and Spirit three.

With shamrocks bright, he’d often speak, Of mysteries vast, yet not so bleak. In every town, he spread the word, Of Christ’s great love, so often heard.

So let’s recall Patrick’s grace, In every corner, every place. For he brought faith to Ireland’s shore, And love and peace forevermore.

His legacy, a shining light, Guiding us through day and night. In tales of old, his deeds will stay, Saint Patrick’s love, forever sway.