Under the Sick Leave Act 2022 all employees with at least thirteen week service are entitled to paid sick leave from their employer. In 2024 the number of paid days increases from 3 to 5. An employer must pay the employee for work missed due to illness for up to 5 days in a year.

Employers may pay sick employees for a longer period, should they wish. And if there is a more favourable contractual provision in place, the employer must comply with that provision.

The leave may be taken on consecutive or non-consecutive days. They employer may request medical certificates for each day of paid leave. The rate of pay is 70% of the employees normal daily pay, to a maximum of €110 per day.

Employers are advised to update sick leave policies in their employment handbooks or contracts, to reflect the legislation, and in particular to require a medical certificate from the first day of paid illness.

The number of days is expected to increase in 2025 to seven days and to ten days in 2026.

After an employee has exhausted their right to paid sick leave, they may apply for supports from the Department of Social Protection.

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