Cyber-criminals are actively targeting legal clients, in particular conveyancing clients. The scam is very sophisticated. The criminal pretends to be your solicitor, by using a very similar email address to that of your solicitor. They may have personal knowledge of your legal matter. They will ask you to transfer deposits, purchase monies or fees to a fraudulent bank account.

We are asking our clients to remain vigilant, and to take every caution. We would like to remind you:

  • That our Bank Details have not changed recently. 
  • To always phone us and speak to somebody you know prior to transferring any money to us.
  • That you can test a bank account by sending a small amount of money, and speaking to us to ensure it has been safely received by us.
  • That our phone number is available on our website, or you may use the phone number that you have saved for us. We have not changed our phone-number recently.
  • That our website and email addresses end with “.ie.” Clone accounts may look similar to our legitimate email addresses.
  • If an email looks suspicious, do not respond to it and do not click on any links. Delete the suspicious email and please contact us via your usual means of doing so.

If you have any questions, queries, concerns or suspicions, please contact us via your usual means of doing so.