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Citizenship: Witnessing the Naturalisation Application

This is the third part in a series of articles by Grace Dowling on acquiring Irish citizenship. This article explains the process of witnessing the application form to become a naturalised Irish citizen.

Once you have acquired all the proper documents and filled out your naturalization application you must go through your application with a proper witness and sign it once that’s completed. The rules for who can act as a proper witness to your application are specifically laid out in the application form itself, but typically solicitors, notary publics, and commissioners for oaths are authorised to do so.

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Citizenship: Filling out the Irish Naturalisation Application

This is the second part in a series of articles by Grace Dowling on acquiring Irish citizenship. This article discusses the application process.

The first step in gaining Irish citizenship through the naturalisation process is beginning to collect the proper documents to prove your eligibility. The State requires that you submit various documents from each year of required residence in Ireland alongside your properly filled out naturalisation application.

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Workers’ Rights in Redundancy

With talk of a tech crunch, and news of redundancies at Twitter, Stripe and Meta, many workers might have questions about their rights when told their job is at risk of redundancy. Redundancy arises where your job no longer exists due to a company closure or changes to the structure of the the company for technical or organisational reasons.

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A Guide to Switching Mortgages

Mortgage interest rates are set to rise again, meaning that homeowners on a variable rate will be paying more each month. The good news is that mortgage providers are always competing with each other for new business, and homeowners have the option to switch providers. If you do your research, you might find that you will be able to make a significant saving each month by locking in to a fixed term rate.

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Irish Law Awards 2022

Fitzsimons Redmond LLP are immensely proud to be short-listed in so many categories of the Dye & Durham Irish Law Awards 2022. We are finalists in nine categories:

Law Firm of the Year

Property Lawyer of the Year (John Redmond)

ADR Lawyer of the Year ( Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty)

Diversity and Inclusion Law Firm of the Year

Employment Lawyer of the Year (Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty)

Excellence and Innovation in Client Services

Law Book of the Year (Women in Law: The True Meaning of Success)

Pro Bono Lawyer of the Year (Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty)

Probate Law Firm of the Year

Lawyer of the Year (John Redmond and Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty)

Welcome to Grace Dowling

All of us at Fitzsimons Redmond LLP are delighted to welcome Grace Dowling to our team. She will be interning as a legal assistant until December. Grace joins us from the US where she is is a third year student at Clark University majoring in sociology. This semester she is studying at Griffith College Dublin. Grace is particularly interested in the sociology of law, and hopes to pursue a career in law working to reform justice systems in the U.S. Grace is from The Bronx, New York, where she was born and raised. In her spare time, she enjoys walking and biking the streets of Dublin, exploring new cafes, and journaling. 

The Benefits of Diversity in the Workplace

Diversity in the workplace means that there is a wide variety of individuals at every level in the company, and those individuals have differing lived experiences. They are of different genders, ages, sexualities, abilities, races, colours, nationalities, religious beliefs, family situations, socio-economic background, cultures, and professional and educational backgrounds.

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