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Your Will: Choosing an Executor

When making a will, a very important consideration is who you trust to take care of your affairs after your death. In a straightforward case, this will be the person to extract a grant of probate and distribute the assets of the estate to the beneficiaries. The responsible person (or persons) is known as the executor or executrix.

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Doing Business in Ireland: Options for Foreign Companies

Many foreign companies operate in Ireland. There is substantial state support for foreign direct investment, and Ireland has a famously low corporation tax rate. It is English speaking and common-law, and Dublin in particular has a full range of professional services for international businesses. Ireland is a very good place to do business, and it is not particularly difficult to begin operating here.

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The Responsibilities of Company Directors in Ireland

Directors of a company and the Company Secretary (known collectively as officers) have ultimate responsibility for the running of a company. They have duties to comply with company law and to act in good faith in the best interests of the company. They have a duty to actively comply with legislation, and to take an active role in oversight of the affairs of the company; a lack of knowledge is not a defence if issues arise.

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