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Lisa is appointed to a State Board

Fitzsimons Redmond LLP partner, Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty has recently been appointed by the Minister for Justice to the Classification of Films Appeals Board for a five year term. The appeals board meets to determine any appeal of decisions by the Director of Film Classification, and its decision is final.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all our clients, colleagues, friends and family. We hope you all have a peaceful break. Our office will be closed from lunchtime on Thursday 22nd December, and will open again on Wednesday 4th January.

An Easy Way to Support a Charity

Did you know that you or your business can support a charity by donating your used stamps? Solicitor firms get a lot of post every day; it just takes a couple of seconds to cut the stamp from each envelope and store it safely. When you have an envelope full of used stamps, you can send them to charities such as the Irish Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, or the Irish Peatland Conservation Council. The charity can sell the stamps on to a stamp collecting dealer to raise funds for their vital work.

The Fitzsimons Redmond LLP team were delighted to send off an envelope full of stamps to the ISPCC yesterday.

The Responsibilities of Company Directors in Ireland

Directors of a company and the Company Secretary (known collectively as officers) have ultimate responsibility for the running of a company. They have duties to comply with company law and to act in good faith in the best interests of the company. They have a duty to actively comply with legislation, and to take an active role in oversight of the affairs of the company; a lack of knowledge is not a defence if issues arise.

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Early Steps in Selling a Company

After building up a business to a point of strength, many entrepreneurs will consider selling in advance of retirement or to move on to new opportunities. Once a buyer is found, the sale process can be time consuming, but there are some steps that can be taken to ensure the company is in a saleable position. and the transaction goes as smoothly as possible.

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