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Lisa’s Article in Irish Legal News

Our Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty is in her free time, a Climate Ambassador with An Taisce. She recently wrote an article published in Irish Legal News about her role and about how lawyers can help solve the problem of climate change.

Irish Legal News Article

The Domestic Violence Act 2018

The Domestic Violence Act 2018 has come into force this month, and serves to strengthen existing protections and create new protections for victims of domestic abuse.
The protections under the act apply equally to men and women, and apply regardless of immigration status. The only restriction is that young people under the age of eighteen are unable to apply for protective orders on their own behalf.

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Celebrating Diwali


We are grateful to our valued client, Ireland India Council for their invitation to celebrate Diwali at City Hall last Friday night. Diwali is the Hindu celebration of the triumph of light over dark, and it is celebrated with light and colour and much festivity.  We enjoyed cultural presentations, an Indian fashion show, classical dancing, singing, music and a delicious vegetarian meal. We were awed to watch the lady in the picture above dancing while balancing a jar of water and a candle on her head!

Ireland India Council works to build and develop relationships among the Irish and Indian communities, including business leaders, social leaders and universities. It organises many networking events and cultural exchanges so as to lay the groundwork for future cooperation.


Carolina’s Skydive!!!


Our courageous Carolina is going to jump from a plane in order to raise funds for the Irish Cancer Society. If you would like to support this fantastic cause, while showing Carolina that we appreciate her fearless spirit please click on the link below!

Carolina’s JustGiving Page


After a period of little or no activity developers are now increasingly engaged in building and selling new houses and apartments. The attractions of buying a newly built residence are (or at any rate should be) that:
- It is designed and built to current standards and accordingly will be more energy efficient and less expensive to run;
- Apart from furnishings and decoration it should not be necessary to incur significant expenditure on renovations and repairs;
- The Purchaser may be able to avail of the “Help to Buy” incentives;
- The Purchaser may (to some extent) be able to choose finishes (and in some cases “extras”) to customise the property;
- If problems emerge in the works done the Purchaser may be able to look to the developer or to avail of an insurance backed scheme (such as Homebond or Premier Guarantee) to deal with them.

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Silence is Golden, Domestic Violence Information Night


On Tuesday the 12th June, I had the honour to speak at An Cosán alongside the inspiring Selina Switzer, the courageous Miriam Moriarty Owens (both film-makers), and the lovely Phil McCormack (from Saoirse Women’s Refuge). The film was inspiring and hopeful. The ladies shared stories of thriving after adversity. Phil spoke about the many supports available to those leaving an abusive relationship. I spoke about the legal remedies. I would like to share my speaking notes here also.

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Silence is Golden film, Dublin Premiere

Our Lisa Quinn O’Flaherty will be giving a talk about the legal remedies for domestic violence on Tuesday  evening (12th June) after the screening of the short film, Silence is Golden.  Also speaking at the event, will be two of the film-makers who will share their inspiration for this film, which tells four separate stories dealing with domestic abuse.

The event takes place at An Cosán at 19.00. Tickets are free and can be booked via Eventbrite.

GDPR and You


General Data Protection Regulation

On Friday May 25th 2018 GDPR came into force. Although the key principles of data protection don’t change, there are changes to the regulatory policies. Below, we look at the main changes we will now see in Irish Law.

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Congratulations John!

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Data Protection and the Right to Privacy

Now more than ever, we live in a world where knowledge is power. Businesses have discovered that the more information they have about an individual, the easier it is to sell them products and services. The internet thrives on the gathering and utilising of personal information. But, as individuals, we have rights in respect of information that can individually identify us. Our rights come into effect when there is any personal information about us stored on paper, on a computer, in the cloud or by way of photograph or video.

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